As a company we’re all about doing what’s fun and good. As if bringing people together to laugh and have fun together wasn’t good enough, we also want to make sure that we’re doing good in other ways too, by looking after our team really well and giving at least 10% of our profits (as well as lots of games) to good causes. Here’s what we’ve been giving to in the last year:

The We are here project

The We Are Here Project (pictured in banner) is a community and learning centre in the New Kavala refugee camp in Northern Greece. It provides a place for children and adults to access education and recreation, and feel a sense of routine, security and validation. With a library, study area and classrooms, a women’s space and an open community space, We Are Here creates an opportunity to learn, create, socialize, share, and build knowledge, confidence and connections. As well as sending games over to be used in English classes, we also make a regular monthly donation to the We Are Here Project, which has helped fund a multi-purpose social space in their library.

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chomp brighton

Chomp is an amazing initiative in our home city, which runs school holiday clubs for families whose children usually receive free school meals. Each club offers a range of fun activities, snacks, time for parents to chat and a hot, healthy lunch prepared on the day. This year we were able to support them by giving a game to each family that attends as part of their Christmas hampers.


marathon giving

We’re really keen for our community (that’s you!) to help shape how we give our money away in the future. To do this for starters we reached out to our followers on social media to see if they, or any of their friends and family, were running marathons in 2018. Our offer was simply to give each of them £10 if they linked us to their JustGiving page. We ended up sponsoring 150 people and giving £1500 to the charities they were passionate about. As well as supporting loads of great causes it was wonderful to see the feel good factor in people receiving an unexpected little boost in their fundraising. In fact, it went so well in 2018, that we repeated the effort in 2019!

coming soon: more good

This is just the start for us. We’re committed to giving at least 10% of our profits away, and as we sell more games, we’re going to be giving more away. As we say, we’d love for the people who buy our games to help shape and direct where this money goes, so if you have any bright ideas of where or how we could give please get in touch and let us know.