What is jibbergiggle?


Jibbergiggle takes everyday scenarios and challenges you to act them out using only ridiculous nonsense words and your own expressive face.

  • Can you calm down a bear using only the words 'wimmy wozzle' or propose to your partner by saying 'patootie'? Master the art of spouting nonsense in silly noises, as others attempt to guess what exactly it is you're trying to do!

  • Just as good for travel and holidays as your home board game collection, Jibbergiggle is super compact (the size of a double pack of cards) so you can easily pack it and play it anywhere.

  • Perfect for games night, family gatherings and parties, this fun family-friendly game is quick to set up and takes two minutes to learn but will keep you smiling for hours.

  • Loved by children (age 8+), teenagers and adults alike - Jibbergiggle will get your friends and family laughing. 3-8 players.