Party Pack - All 3 games

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Party Pack - All 3 games


All three of our games (not in a special box!), for the bargain price of £30. About the games:

Randomise is a hilarious party game for people who want to spend more time laughing with their family and friends.

  • Guaranteed giggles as your friend 'becomes' a clumsy beaver hula hooping

  • Helps nurture and boost creativity in adults and children

  • Simple rules, inclusive game play and great replayability with more than a million combinations possible

  • Family-friendly card game for 4-50 players age 8+

Soundiculous is the gloriously silly, family-friendly party game of ridiculous sounds. The aim of the game is simple - get the most points by making ridiculous sounds and guessing what ridiculous sounds other players are making.

Sounds range from nice and easy (monkey, train, eating) through to medium (didgeridoo, roller coaster, electric shock) to the truly challenging hard (wrestling, scuba diving, woodpecker!)

Soundiculous takes just two minutes to learn and will have everyone in stitches as you realise that what you can hear quite clearly in your mind, can come out quite differently from your mouth!

The Pretender is a family-friendly game of subtle deception, bluffing and mini-charades. All players are given the same identity except for the Pretender, who knows a little, but not enough.

Through a series of mini-charades, players must guess who among them who is the Pretender, before the Pretender works out what on earth everyone else is miming. This amusing family-friendly game will make everyone smile as suspicions are aroused and accusations thrown.

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