runners rock - marathon giving 2019

Our marathon giving for 2019 is now *closed* - good luck to all you amazing runners!

We are all about having fun and doing good, and are absolutely in awe of all of you running half-marathons and marathons this year for good causes this marathon season. 

Once you’ve told us on Facebook who you’re running for and why, fill in the simple form below to let us know where to donate. We’ll be donating £10 each to the first 150 people to do that - it’s our own little way of saying ‘go for it’! We’ve also put a little option in there to sign up to our monthly newsletter, Joymail, which is full of fun stuff, the latest news about our charitable giving projects and an opportunity to win one of our amazing personalised boxes of joy!

There are a few important technical bits and pieces we wanted to draw your attention to before you fill out your info. It won’t take a minute:

  • We can only accept runners filling out this form themselves, but if you know someone else running then do tag them in our Facebook post.

  • We can only give once to each person.

  • We can only give via Just Giving and Virgin Money. Sorry if this is a problem for you, but we are a super small team and this is the only way we can make giving to so many individual causes manageable.

  • We really respect your privacy and information. We will never sell it or pass it on. We will only contact you via our monthly Joymail if you give us permission. For our data and privacy policies, in plain language, click here.

With the technical bits out that way all that’s left to say is good luck to all of you - you’re amazing!

your marathon info

We are really sorry if you missed out but our Marathon Giving for 2019 is now CLOSED as we’ve gone over 150 people. It’s been an AMAZING response and we’ve been blown away by all the inspiring stories and great causes.

If you were in the first 150 we'll be getting sponsoring in the next couple of days, so look out for it! It's been incredible to read your stories and hear about your wonderful causes.

GOOD LUCK AND GO FOR IT to ALL you runners - and sorry to those who have missed out on us supporting you this time - we wish we could help everyone.

To be the first to find out about our future giving projects sign up to Joymail - it's full of lots of great stuff each month.