As you’re here we thought you might like to know a little bit about how we started, and how things have developed for us over the last few crazy years. It’s been quite a ride!

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Our first game, Randomise, started as simply a way for me (Hazel) to get my then 12 year old sister away from her iPad and into doing something fun with the family. During commutes from Brighton to London I’d come up with ideas for a silly game that I could create for her, to play with her at Christmas that year.

I came up with something I knew would make her laugh - a super-fun game of describing, drawing and acting. It went down brilliantly, and got not just her but the whole family laughing together. Seeing my mum trying to draw an evil badger proposing and watching our friend Rach truly ‘becoming’ a clumsy goose skydiving was just too funny, and we found we were creating hilarious memories that would stay with us long after the game ended.

In 2015, after lots of encouragement from family and friends, and stuck in a job that I didn’t love, I decided to go for it and turn Randomise, this little but well-loved Christmas game into a real-life actual thing. After all, what could possibly be better than getting people together to laugh, have fun and connect with one another?!
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It felt like a scary step, but my husband Chris and I put together a Kickstarter campaign which was backed by a wonderful 283 people, who we will be forever grateful to. They helped us turn a dream into a reality and in December 2015, we packed up and sent out the first copies of our game (spending the weeks before Christmas knee deep in bubble wrap and packing tape!) and Randomise was launched.

The day after I set up our new little company Gamely Games, I found out I was expecting my first child which meant that from the off we’ve always been forced to think outside the box and do things a little differently - although we wouldn’t have it any other way! Our son was born in 2016, and despite all the baby fun/madness Randomise went on to become one of the top 10 bestselling card games on Amazon in the run up to Christmas 2016.
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growing up

I met the lovely Tina on our antenatal parenting course, and she came on board after her maternity leave finished in 2017 to help us operate super-smoothly and make the business even better. Shortly before this, Chris had given up his job in London and joined the team, with he and I splitting our time between making games and looking after our little one.

As we’ve kept making games and bringing people together (and having a great time while doing it!) we can’t believe quite how lucky we are to do something we love. At this point we decided that we’d set ourselves a goal - to bring one million people together through our games. This felt like the sort of mission we could get stuck into and really go for.
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two more games

To help make this happen, we spent 2017 coming up with new ideas for games. Lots of experimenting, playing and fun resulted in two brand new games - The Pretender and Soundiculous, which we launched in summer 2018 and have loved seeing people enjoy!

In the midst of developing these new games, Chris and I welcomed our second child. Again, this meant we did things a bit differently, with the three of us on the team balancing parenthood with getting our games out to bring people together. As a result, embedding a different way of doing business even deeper into the DNA of Gamely.

We’re aiming to be the best employers in the world, and our little team works super flexibly to create new games and make all of you happy! Our aim is to always start with what is fun and good and go from there. It’s worked so far, and we’ve no plans to do anything differently from here on in…
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doing more, and doing good

As well as doing good for our team, we also want to be a business that does good for the world too. As well as just generally spreading joy wherever possible, we are also committed to giving at least 10% of our profits away. It’s been brilliant to see this making an impact over the last couple of years. Last year (and again this year) we sponsored 150 people £10 each for running marathons through our social media page, donated on a monthly basis to fund a multi-purpose social space at an education project at a refugee camp in Greece, and gave out loads of free games to disadvantaged families at Christmas time. And that feels like very much just the start...
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which brings us to today…

Since our little stable of games increased to three last summer, we’ve also grown a little bit more as a business, with lots of cool milestones for us. In summer 2018 we translated Randomise and The Pretender into German (little game of Der Schwindelmeister anyone?) and launched our games in both Germany and America. In August 2018 we saw our games get stocked in John Lewis, which made us feel very grown up. In September Dave joined the team and in December we appeared on the BBC’s Dragon’s Den show - where we successfully pitched for funding (but turned it down - not the right deal for us!).

Christmas 2018 was our best yet and as of the start of 2019, by our reckoning, we’ve now brought more than 250,000 people together to have fun and laugh together (that’s a QUARTER OF A MILLION!).
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what’s next

We’re more than a quarter of a way to our goal, and will be releasing three more games in 2019 to help us get closer. All we ask of you is to do your part by joining in and getting your friends and families together to enjoy our games. You can stay up to date with us (as well as potentially win one of our awesome boxes of joy) by signing up to our monthly Joymail.

 We’re so lucky and appreciative that we get to spend our time doing something that we love so much - so all that’s left to say is a MASSIVE thank you to all of you who have been part of the journey. From kickstarting Randomise, to buying our games, play-testing our new games as part of our wonderful community, sending us pictures of you enjoying our games, leaving us lovely reviews and just generally being beautiful people - we cannot say thanks enough. We love you!