Thanks so much for taking the time to play and feedback on our new game. Getting the honest feedback from real life actual people who aren't us (I.E. you!) is one of the most crucial part of making our games.

We really want to invite you to be as honest as possible.

Don't hold back on negative feedback, even if you can't suggest improvements!

Like anyone, we enjoy positive feedback, but it's the weaknesses of the game and ways we can make it better that we most need to hear. The more improvements you have for us - the better!

Your feedback will really make a huge difference and we really appreciate it. We will read it all as a team, and be sure to take it into account as we make the changes to make this game as great as it possibly can't be. We'll let you know when we're launching the game, and will invite you to celebrate that with us, and we can't wait to send you your copy of the final game.

Lots of love from Hazel, Chris, Tina and Dave - The Gamely Team

Without further ado...

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